Barack Obama’s Lesson in Social Media

Senator adroitly uses Twitter to spread his message

make our interest in reading their blogs grow.”

According to Twitterholic (, a site that tracks Twitter usage, as of June 17, Obama has more than 39,000 users who follow his messages. Clinton’s campaign, which she has since suspended, also used Twitter and has more than 4,100 followers. Both senators used Twitter to send short messages on campaign events and happenings. And while Obama has almost ten times the number of followers as Clinton, he also followed more than 37,000 people on Twitter, far more than Clinton has.

I’d be extremely surprised if the two candidates themselves were actually Twittering. But the decision by the Obama campaign to follow users who follow them, as well as other Twitterers, shows a real understanding of how to engage people in a Web 2.0 world. While it is important to incorporate social tools to get your word out, it’s equally important to listen to the words of others—especially those with whom you wish to build relationships.

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15 Responses to Barack Obama’s Lesson in Social Media

  1. says:

    Yes, we believe in social media integration at!

    We tweet or use twitter too-

    Are you following iKwanzaa on Twitter?


  2. A clinic on social media, embracing the brand, grassroots organization and fundraising – this was a Jordanesque performance.

    Most of this was Obama, another portion was the environment created by the Bush Administration that allowed Obama’s campaign to give greater voice to its supporters.

    Now the hard part begins, governing. Continued use of social media will have more pitfalls here as President Obama must make tough decisions that will anger some. Nonetheless, Obama’s strength his is belief in the wisdom of crowds, that’s not to say consensus or majority, but the synergy of thoughtful people. He has surrounded himself with those kind of people and there is no reason for that to change when his title does.

    All the best, Mr. President.

  3. Weerrellrix says:

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  4. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected for when I found a link on SU telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

  5. Buddysgin says:

    It does not have to be as formal as a nonprofit board or a corporate board. After all this is your personal board of directors. I was asked by a friend to be on her personal board and we always convened over a bottle of wine, homecooked food, and good jazz. In her living room the four of us listened, offered encouragement and support, then went on to solve world problems ;).  We were from vastly different backgrounds so we all saw things differently. Our friend subsequently left a job she was unhappy at and pursued one she enjoyed. Give it a try!

  6. I think of my inner circle as mentors and I was told by a few that they view mw the same.

  7. Jonymor says:

    Using one or two members to bring in the optimum number and best suited board members is an excellent idea.

  8. Very good suggestions!
    I will definitely look up YEC

  9. L.Caesar says:

    I think that having a personal board of directors group is a great idea.   I unofficially have this, but I will plan to incorporate this.

  10. Kristina Nelson says:

    The information is excellent and I will share it on my blogs

  11. Infinitepurelove says:

    Great article!

  12. Jamar Lee says:

    Great information… I’m definitely learning.

  13. Jasbar1 says:

    Great stuff!

  14. Sandra Butler says:

    Good advice 

  15. Younhave to know whonyou are before you can know what you want.

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