Becoming a Social Networking Butterfly

Build your customer base with black social networking sites

depending on the business, says Bowen), tailored to your audience and targeted at the site’s specific demographic. “Make sure your product and its message matches the environment in which it gets placed,” advises Marc Edwards, founder of black social networking site Tribefly.Setting the stage

For example, Edwards says most mainstream advertisements rely on a “catch-all” messaging strategy that doesn’t translate well in the social networking environment. “With social networking, you’re not shouting to a large mass of potential customers, but rather you are communicating your point of view at a small, intimate gathering,” ” says Edwards.

Also understand that social networkers are the consummate “flippers and skimmers” who spend just a few minutes or less on a site. Keep the message short, appealing and to the point, says Edwards, and don’t forget the most critical element of social networking: the bonds that you can establish – and maintain – with past, present, and future customers.

To black entrepreneurs looking to tap the benefits of social networking, Abrams says to go beyond the “build it and they will come” mentality and really mix it up online in a way that helps grow your business. “Start with a simple blog on a social networking site, and update it daily,” Abrams says. “Then, make yourself available to interact with others online and become a part of the community.”

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