‘Black in America’: Hajj Flemings, One Year Later

Detroit native shares what he’s been up to since the CNN documentary

The solution for increasing the number of blacks in Silicon Valley…

Exposing middle and high school African-American students to more role models, successful tech entrepreneurs, investors and startup founders because they exist.

What’s needed in the tech Mecca…

Black tech founders who have built successful startups that get sold or acquired and a black investment network that can help fund startups with founders that look like them.  Investors whose mission is investing in solidly-built startups with founders that happen to look like them.

I appreciate CNN for…

Taking the risk when other networks didn’t give this important issue airtime. The documentary was a catalyst to be used as a reference point to move the needle forward. Not because it started the conversation, because I don’t think it did. There were already great people doing the work, in some cases under the radar. The documentary, I believe, was a single data point that helped take conversations that were happening on the local level ‘mainstream.’

It would’ve been great for Black in America 4 to mention African-American Silicon Valley pioneers like….

Ken Coleman, Roy Clay, David Drummond, chief legal officer of Google, and Shellye Aarchambeau, CEO of MetricStream, to name a few.

The NewMe Accelerator provided me…

Access to information and relationships with key influencers in the tech space in Silicon Valley and nationally.

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