Building Your Online Rep

Creating a firm Web presence can boost brand image

company’s reputation-building strategy – particularly if the business owner isn’t afraid to get involved with the disgruntled client, employee or other individual.

The nail salon that learns that a customer’s nail polish chipped after just two days, for example, can respond to the review and offer to fix the problem. Such moves may not only assuage the individual customer, but also those potential clients who now know that the salon stands behind its services.

“Everyone has a bad day, an off-meal or has encountered something that’s less than satisfactory,” Warren says. “The online space is the perfect place to acknowledge the problem and figure out a way to make it better.”

Expect to see more companies putting time and energy into building their online reputations in the future, says Thomas, who sees the move as both inexpensive and invaluable for firms that want to boost their Web presences in an affordable manner. “Companies can’t ignore the need for online reputation management,” says Thomas. “Everyone should incorporate these rep-building strategies into their overall marketing plans.”

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  • Great article. We can utilize several other sites that are helpful as well to establish your online brand. Sites such as, or Plaxo. Online business is in it’s infancy stage and a great time for the new age entrepreneurs to establish credibility and visibility. Thanks for the article.

    Will Peters

  • Social networking is the future. With a limited budget most small companies can brand themselves on the internet through this powerful medium.

  • I agree. Social networking is the future. Even if you have a substantial capital for marketing, using social networking or marketing online allows you to reach more potential customers faster than traditional marketing.