Four Social Acts Business People Need to Commit

Varying ways to invest in building credibility on the web

any twittering I do, or Facebook items I post. It’s a great way to make any content I create available to the people in my Pulse network right on the spot.

Mixxing at
If you’re familiar with Websites like Digg and Reddit, you’ll probably like Mixx. It allows you to post links to content you like and have the community vote on how good it is. What I like about Mixx is that the content seems to be more news and business oriented, whereas Digg is frequented by a more technical audience. Mixx is also attempting to make it easier to get to better, more professional content. Mixx and the other aforementioned Websites can send tons of traffic to your Website if your content hits the homepage, which causes people to try to “game” the system. But Mixx is trying new ways to keep this kind of activity at bay, which should make it even more impressive if your content gets “mixed.” In fact, you can become a “super mixer,” which gives users who’ve earned that designation the ability to streamline the content-promotion process. This could be another way of building your rep on the Web.

So if you’re looking for ways to more effectively and productively leverage the Web, you may want to do a little twittering, stumbling, pulsing, and mixxing.

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