Online Community Makes ‘Going Natural’…Well, Natural

Embracing your hair—short, long, natural or straight—championed by online hubs

Big Chop

Available later this month, the Big Chop is a hair makeover app that allows users to try out natural styles. App creator and co-founder of Capital City Apps Arsha Jones made the iOS app specifically for African-American women. To try it out, users must upload their photo to the app and then choose one of more than 250 natural hairstyles, colors and accessories. Black Web 2.0 reports that looks are separated by styles such as TWA’s (Teeny Weeny Afros), Medium, Long, and Braids/Dreadlocks. You can save your style and share it with your network via Facebook, Twitter or email.  App users can check out how they’d look with uber-short hair before attempting to do the big chop.

I Love Your Hair

This House of Mikko mobile app is comprised of a community of hair care lovers. Users can upload their picture to the platform and search, based on hair color, type of hair, length and style, for a look that best suits them. Like the Big Chop, you can share compiled styles on social media but what sets this app apart is the ability to connect directly with other app users. Get the insider’s scoop on salons in your area, different hair regimens, among other details from fellow app users. “We’re powered by real women, and there’s a real efficiency component in that,” said Kimberly Dillon, founder and CEO of House of Mikko, in a Fast Company feature.

I Love Your Hair is available for free through the App Store.

If you’re toying with the idea of going natural or trying out a new style, make sure you are certain before making your next move. Hopefully, these mobile tools will help you make an easy transition into your new look. While there are various hair apps out, it’s difficult to find more than a few that are made for us, by us. But we  have yet to experience a shortage of  blogs, sites and YouTube videos addressing our tresses.

Weigh in: What are your must-have hair-care apps? Do you have any favorite beauty or hair-care websites? Share in the comments section.

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