Video Game Enthusiasts Get Crowned ‘Konsole Kingz’

Atlanta businessmen follow their passion by blending hip-hop and video game culture

Konsole Kingz's Marcus Matthews

What did you see as the problem with the DVD format?

Peters: Getting on XboxLIVE would solve a number of problems we were facing. 1) We could bypass the “cost to entry.” Getting a DVD product in a retail chain is a very costly. It requires producing and shipping tens of thousands of physical goods at a minimum. 2) It would put us directly in front of consumers. What better way to show gamers our video content than through the actual video game system they’re playing. 3) It gave us instant credibility.

But the twist is that putting video on the XboxLIVE didn’t translate into revenue, but it did get our foot in the door. We truly overcame this challenge when we decided to take advantage of another opportunity on their service, gamer pics. Once we noticed the gamer pics were being well received, we phased out our video efforts and focused on what was actually generating real revenue.

Is that how the company generates revenue now?

Peters: We generate revenue by releasing new virtual goods for our customers to consume every month. Our company has two business models, a B-to-C and B-to-B. Our B-to-C is the standard B-to-C where we produce a product and market it to the consumer. Our B-to-B model is one of a PR firm/agency.

What projects are in the pipeline that will help the company attain its projected revenue goal for 2011?

Matthews: We’re [released] our first iPhone game release, Kandi Koated Spades featuring Kandi Burruss from the Real Housewives of Atlanta that should generate revenue in the low six figures. In addition, we’re in current negotiations with Microsoft to expand our celebrity-based, virtual content offering to their Avatar Marketplace on XboxLIVE that should also generate revenue somewhere in the low six figures.

What makes Konsole Kingz unique compared to similar online sites?

Peters: What makes Konsole Kingz unique is that we’re a brand and not just a website. Our website is only one small part of what Konsole Kingz is and does. When Marcus [Matthews] and I first mapped out the vision for Konsole Kingz it had four verticals—content, online events, developing games, and being an urban PR agency for games. After being in business for eight years, those verticals have transformed into virtual goods, influencer PR services, and Web branding. At the core, we’re content guys. Being a content guy, you find ways to put your content into any vehicle that makes sense to get from point A to point B. Being simply a website doesn’t work for our core strengths.

What do you consider to be the most important contribution you have made to the gaming industry?

Peters: I think one of our important contributions to the gaming industry will be proving that the hip-hop/urban gamer demographic is real and very influential. Konsole Kingz is the manifestation of what their market research shows, but often goes neglected.

Another major contribution will be one that comes indirectly. I believe Konsole Kingz is blazing a trail for minorities of color to follow into the gaming industry. As we deal with our corporate clients and engage our consumers, I think we will open doors for others to legitimately look at the gaming industry as a real business opportunity. As we continue to be successful in this industry, I hope we inspire and ignite the passions of others who aspire to be in the gaming space as an owner, publisher or developer.

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  • Alicia, KKZ PR

    I’ve anticipated this article for months. So today I’m elated to see it finally published. I enjoy working for Konsole Kingz. Cj and Marcus are not only great businessmen, but also great leaders in our community. People can learn a lot from them… I have!

  • David Seeney

    This is an awesome article! Had a chance to work with Konsole Kingz and definitely learned a lot from these guys. Can’t wait to see where they take it.

  • Ayodele Vassall-Gore, Esq.

    This is excellent CJ! Seeing you work on your passion has definitely inspired me also. Keep up the great work. I’m excited to see what’s next!

  • Antwand Pearman (BlackBible)

    WOW, Loving the piece guys. I’m very proud of what you’re accomplished!

  • Derrick Baker, KKZ Sports

    I am glad to see something like this about my company. I’ve been with Konsole Kingz since 2007-2008. It was CJ’s vision that attracted me the company. CJ and Marcus have taught me a lot and my growth in the company has shown from their guidance. Very proud to be a staff member of Konsole Kingz.

    • Biz of JigFam (Jigged Out Entertainment)

      Congrats to the whole KKZ family. Major S/O to my man Butcher Black aka Derrick Baker for reaching out to me and using my music in his great works. Keep up the great work.

  • Rory Mitchell (Entergamenet)

    I would first like to send the biggest graduated to Konsole Kingz first, major S/O to Derrick Baker for sharing some of my content to his followers, and C.J. Peters massive respect on what the whole team brings in, keep up the good work, and hopefully you guys get even bigger worldwide

  • Shanna Alexander

    CJ plus Marcus equal success! I really respect the inner drive these guys have displayed over the years. They have what so many of us lack —faith. They possess a lot of passion and dedication in what they do and that’s why they’ve stumbled upon success. There is no quitting in their game. They’re not afraid of failure because they have enough faith in their talent to know that they’d bounce back even stronger. There may be hurdles along their journey, but these guys see straight pass them. I know CJ personally and I’ve honestly never caught him NOT working or talking about his business. He’s simply among all the Steve Jobs out there. Major innovative and marketing power and if you think their success story ends here, you don’t know these guys at all. Their product’s going global.

  • Jacqui

    So great to see the success of that your drive, ambition and passion has had. Keep it up, keep the faith.

  • Sergio Santos (KKZ Content)

    This article makes me very proud to be apart of Konsole Kingz,it gives more insight to those who do not know about us and more insight to those who do. I’ve learned so much under both CJ and Marcus, I’m happy to have them as my mentor’s. I feel like I learn more from the both of them, than I do being in school.

  • Lawrence

    It is an honor to be a part of Konsole Kingz and learn from the masterminds CJ and Marcus. Both hard workers that lead by doing. Behind their direction the sky is really the limit for Konsole Kingz.

  • Rosz B.

    CJ is a true visionary. Konsole Kingz is soulful and exciting. I am expecting much more to come from this brand, as the company carves its niche into the gaming and entertainment industry.

  • Jamie

    Congratulations and much success to both Marcus and CJ. I love to see people using their crafts and interests to make money…the legal way!

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