Raygrid Calderon’s DreemKaCHer App Helps You Network From the Palm of Your Hand Smartphone

Young entrepreneur is helping others network their business to and through their smartphone

What motivated you to create this app? How long did it take to make it happen?

The launch of the app took longer than the actual construction. My lifelong experiences allowed me to see a need, ask questions and formulate a plan against it. Then I tacked on the actual construction [of] the app.

What type of business background do you have, and did it play a role in your vision for this app?

I don’t have any traditional background in business. That’s where my partner and co-owner Jason Rollieson comes in. He is the chief strategic officer and has laid out the foundation for where the app goes in the business aspect.  He trims all the edges of my ideas and vision and makes them reality.

Are there any plans to expand on this app and/or create another app?

Of course there are. More users, more connections, more business being built drives all expansion.

What does the future hold for you and your DreemKaCHer app?

Sometimes what you originally plan for yourself doesn’t always fall through accordingly, but so long as whatever you do, you do with good intentions for others, it ends with even greater results not imaginable at the time.  I will continue to work so that DreemKaCHer will help people in finding their niche and help them grow in not just their business but within themselves.

What’s one piece of advice, or wise words, you’d like to impart on other entrepreneurs?

To always remember that the highest form of success is to help others succeed. With that being said, even when you feel you haven’t reached that peak yet–because of financial status or recognition of your peers–know that whether its one smile, one handshake, one dollar, one positive thought, one word of encouragement or passing a ‘Dreemer to a Kacher’, you can be the driving force to setting someone up for their success, and that my friends is one of the greatest feelings ever.

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