Tech Startup of the Week: OnceLogix Provides Innovative Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Entrepreneurial trio provides healthcare solutions...the tech way

OnceLogix was chosen as the first Tech Startup of Week because the team was not only tech savvy, but they capitalized on healthcare reform and with hospitals, clinics, and private practices working to fully implement Obamacare by 2014, electronic medical records and billing software is about to literally blow up.

Here are a few thoughts from the fellas on what solidified their success:

Brown – “What made us unique out the gate is we were a web-based system. It helped us a lot because in 2005 everyone else was desktop-based. The other advantage that we had was we were flat out stupid and ignorant when it came to this industry. It forced us to rely heavily on our clients. Every single function in the system was created because the client said, ‘I really wish I had this.’ It’s a niche market and they all needed the exact same thing. So they became our research department. Other products were created by people who were in the business for a long time. Those folks sat back in a room and said we know what people need. We knew how to create technology but we didn’t understand the needs of that space so our clients helped us a great deal with that.”

McLaughlin – We started off with SAAS at a time when it wasn’t a popular model. It allowed us to reach what we considered were the underserved market of practices that the larger technology companies weren’t going after. [Our competitor’s software] wasn’t affordable for them because they had huge cash outlays in the six-figure range, when medical practices could get started with Sharenote for under $1,000. It allowed those who didn’t have that type of technology available to them to use it and improve the way their practice operated.

Manning – In a three month span, we had signed up 40 providers. That was from hitting the road. We were like Sharenote vacuum cleaner salesman. We would be driving and see the name of a mental health company while driving by. We would hit the brakes and turn around.


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