Tech Whiz Jeff Belizaire Redefines Urban Culture Through Marketing

Working with brands such as Coca-Cola and heavy hitters like Swizz Beatz, the entrepreneur is the brains behind well-known marketing campaigns

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His keen marketing sense and innate pulse on popular culture has expanded beyond traditional branding strategies to include technology, a platform the “marketing whiz” says many companies have yet to master. “Most brands do a really good job in TV, radio, print and even product development. But many brands are not making a smooth transition in building their digital presence.”

Belizaire adds that trailblazers like Nike, Inc. and Apple, Inc. have successfully claimed the digital space in their respective fields because “these companies can afford agencies that are more cutting edge.” So, Belizaire is gearing to launch his own digital marketing agency in 2013 that will “focus more on technology based branding” like social media and digital content and distribution. “I want to be a bridge for brands that can’t afford the big agencies, and be just as cutting edge and fast paced,” says the entrepreneur.

In the meantime, companies continue to seek his insight on the world of consumer marketing and culture. He recently collaborated with Havaianas and Bloomingdales this summer to create an interactive display in the major retailer’s department store windows in New York. The display allowed consumers to order their sandals at the window, designing them and choosing whether they wanted to receive the confirmation number via a QR code or SMS text. Customers dropped into the store to pick up their sandals, and had the option of sharing their designs on social media.  Belizaire is working with hip-hop producer Kasseem Dean, commonly-known as Swizz Beatz, on an upcoming digital venture, and set to work with BET on a television docu-series about the Harlem Boys & Girls Choir.

“Careerwise, I’m just looking for greater global exposure,” says the digital marketer. “As consumers, digital is how we are getting our information right now.”

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