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Black Enterprise magazine September/October 2017 issue

More Black Men Need to Earn College Degrees

But what about black women? As it turns out, black women are earning more college degrees (as are women in general). But because fewer black men are earning degrees, the imbalance is affecting all kinds of things, like black marriage rates, economic inequality, and lower wealth attainment.

Omarosa to Step Down From Trump’s White House

Former reality star-turned-White-House-official Omarosa Manigault Newman resigned Tuesday after nearly a year of working for the Trump administration.

Report: Blacks in Boston Have a Median Net Worth of $8, Whites Have $247K

The Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” investigative team conducted an in-depth study that quantified the impact racism has had on black Bostonians. The results were alarming.

Alabama’s African American Voters Say No Moore

African American voters showed up in massive numbers at the voting booth on Tuesday, helping Democrat Doug Jones defeat Republican Roy Moore

Does $1 Million Still Make You Wealthy In 2017?

There are a couple definitions of what exactly constitutes a millionaire, however, most definitions agree that once an individual reaches a net worth of $1 million or more, then they can proudly carry the "millionaire title." Net worth is calculated by adding up all...


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