Barnard College

might be spending their time. We do a lot of preparatory work with students and families because there are pockets in this country where families are not aware of general education opportunities and of a place like Barnard. I’ve been here eight years and every year I see us reaching out to more schools. There are more students getting involved.

Once students are enrolled, what benefits will they receive by being at your school and not its competitors?

I think the number one benefit is that our students are able to have this very small, very intimate college where they have quick access to faculty members and they are in New York City. Our students can take part in so much of New York City. The internships that are here, the art, the culture, foods and all sorts of things but they’re not overwhelmed by that. They’re able to have a campus setting; they can really immerse themselves in their learning but have those connections to the real world. Sometimes when students think about the concept of a women’s college they think of being cloistered, but we see it as a huge asset. Socially and academically there are some terrific links but as a woman there is a certain power that comes from Barnard as a women’s college, in terms of the mentorship you receive from faculty but also alums.

What are parents and students overlooking when they prepare and apply for college?

Because students have the ability to utilize the common application they don’t sometimes look enough individually at each particular school and address their short answer questions and their essays to that school. Sometimes an application doesn’t address the interest in that particular school. I need to know more about you and the person so as a student you do have a real ability in your application to set yourself apart. Don’t overlook that. Applying to college shouldn’t be easy you should put a little effort into it. You really should spend time. I do think deadlines are really important and trying to set up some sort of timeline for yourself. Over the summer write some essays, visit some schools. Life is busy and it only gets busier but before you know it some of those deadlines are approaching and you’ve not done what you need to do.

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