Carleton College

would hope there are many institutions that are trying to achieve the same goal we are. If you’re looking at small national liberal arts colleges like Carleton, students get a little more flavoring across a variety of subjects because of our trimester structure and more students get an opportunity to go abroad. Our being on trimesters is not actually unique but there is a difference in the academic experience.

What are parents and students overlooking when they prepare and apply for college?

What I find is that I think some students and parents don’t really understand that financial aid can work to cover most expenses if the family really can’t afford it. That precludes some from looking at expensive places like we are. And there’s both a disbelief and a non-trust. If we admit you, we want to make it possible for you to come. The other thing I think they overlook [is] the value of a small liberal arts college. They get caught up with all the opportunities they see in universities and don’t understand the flipside. There are too many students who don’t understand that they can put their best foot forward and represent that well on an application.

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  1. Kathy Scarbrough says:

    great info thanks

  2. Sheila Black says:

    Great tips on looking for a lawyer. Thank you.

  3. Arsha says:

    I’ve also found help going through local organizations that connect you with lawyers who offer pro-bono services.

  4. LaShaun Martin says:

    Fantastic tips! thank you!

  5. Nicole Mallett says:

    Hi. As a small business owner, is it important to keep an attorney beyond the initial development of business contracts?

  6. Shannah_s says:

    What about putting an attorney on a retainer?

  7. carmen rosero says:

    Very important info about disclosure/nondisclosure forms are; I learned that from working in the corporate sector.

  8. Inger Basden says:

    Yes…Great tips. Thanks

  9. Lisa says:

    Very good tips and nice reminder regarding asking for referrals and ensuring that your potential attorney is knowledgeable in the specific area of small business

  10. Jordan Muse says:

    This aspect is going to be important for me especially dealing physical activity and fitness.

  11. Kiwana Thomas says:

    Thank you for the information regarding Any information used to rate attorneys is helpful to make sure we get the exact help we are looking for. Now what is your perspective with having someone on retainer for all the initial documents?

  12. Violesia Tull says:

    Thx Great advice!

  13. leslie denman says:

    This is an area I really need to be more intentional about.

  14. Laurette Hamilton says:

    Dear Melinda
    I want to have a long term relationship with the lawyer who represents my business. the guide lines you provided for our class to actualize the next steps are priceless. I’m re watching your video and taking notes and learning more about how to be practical in my legal process. Thank you

  15. ACG, LLC. says:

    Solid tips, thanks for sharing!

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