University of Pennsylvania

our average class size, which is approximately 27 students per class with freshman seminars capped at no more than 16.

What is the university’s housing situation like? Is it difficult for freshman/sophomores to get housing?

More than 99% of freshmen live in one of Penn’s 11 college houses. Approximately two-thirds of all undergraduates live on campus. Students who live off campus frequently live in apartments and houses in Penn’s West Philadelphia neighborhood, within walking distance of the university.

How active is the college in helping students find internships and full-time jobs?

Penn has a wonderful Career Services office. Typically, there are far more internships and jobs than there are students seeking them. The advisers in Career Services assist students in determining which internships and jobs are the most appropriate for them and their career goals. Career Services also provides advising for pre-medicine, pre-law, and other pre-professional students.

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