Wake Forest University

class=”MsoNormal”>We take a very holistic review in evaluating applicants. High school curriculum, classroom performance, ranking, and essay writing are most important.

1.Wake Forest University doesn’t have an average gpa for admitted students. We do not compare prospective students academically to one another because high schools vary so much. Instead, we are interested in how an applicant ranks academically compared to his or her peers. Typically, enrolled students fall within the top 10% of his or her high school senior class.

Wake Forest University is test optional. Our average is between 1280-1400 on the math and verbal components of the SAT and between a 28-32 on the ACT. If applicants feel that their test scores are an accurate representation of their abilities, they are encouraged to submit their test scores. If they feel that the test scores do not accurately reflect them, they may choose not to submit their scores without penalty.

What is the student-teacher ratio? 10:1

What is the university’s housing situation like? Is it difficult for freshman/sophomores to get housing?

All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. Housing, however, is guaranteed all four years. Only 20% of Wake Forest University students choose to live off-campus. We offer several living options for on-campus housing – hall-style, suite-style, studios, apartments, theme housing, & townhouses. Residence halls are coeducational by floor. All rooms are equipped with beds, closets, desks, cable television connection, phone connections, computer outlets, and a microfridge. In addition, each room has access controlled heating and air. All residence halls have a laundry facility, and laundry is free. Freshmen are allowed to bring a car.

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