Wellesley College

transfer candidates. International students represent almost 10% of the student body, and students come from more than 68 countries worldwide.Some limited financial aid is available for non-U.S. citizens. There is an international student advisor and Slater House, a gathering place for international students on campus. There are also numerous cultural organizations and activities dedicated to the heritage and interests of our international students. The Elizabeth Kaiser Davis Degree program offers women of non-traditional age the opportunity to study at Wellesley.

These women are fully part of the undergraduate population and experience at Wellesley, with a fair number choosing to live in campus housing. The Class Deans have responsibility for offering academic advising to both transfer and Davis Scholars, attending to their particular needs and concerns.

How does the university weigh GPA, SAT scores, extracurricular activities, college essays, and recommendations during the application process?

Wellesley’s admission process is holistic, as each piece of a student’s application tells a piece of her story. The greatest emphasis is placed on students’ academic program and performance, with other quantitative data (such as the GPA, if available, and the SAT) reviewed within the context of each student’s experience. Extracurricular activities and the essay are also important elements and provide more personal information about a student’s interests and goals.

What is the student-teacher ratio?


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