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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

The stock market is performing at an all-time high. If ever there was a time to build wealth, it’s now. While financial prosperity is great, what about the kind that will never depreciate in value.

In their collaboration, Self-Wealth: Creating Prosperity, Serenity and Balance in Your Life, Mark Yarnell, Valerie Bates and John Radford outline the insights and principles you’ll need to achieve success without sacrificing your soul. In 207 pages and 10 chapters, the co-authors concisely reveal their secrets for reaching great heights while keeping your sense of inner peace intact.

The book primarily centers around nine principles of self-wealth. They include: creating goals bigger than yourself; mastering your fears; becoming resilient; rediscovering personal value; breaking free of self-defeating thoughts; and mentoring. At the end of each chapter, a series of questions helps you apply the ideals you’ve learned directly to your personal situation. There are a few other exercises scattered throughout to help you assess your grasp of the subject matter and how, when it’s incorporated into your professional and personal life, it can help you.

A suggested reading list provides additional titles that can help you explore what it truly takes to be successful.

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