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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

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Tired of getting lost in cyberspace and ending up at Web sites that don’t offer a thing of interest? To help you zip straight to stuff you can really use, we’ve put together a list of hot sites that you’ll want to visit time and again. These sites can help you start a business, manage your finances, close a dlea, be a better parent of student, jumpstart your career–in short, be a happier all-around person. Even the Net with cleverly designed sites that market, entertain and educate.

And the best part? All of these sites are free. By the way, don’t forget to visit our Web site at blackenterprise.com, where you’ll find, among other interesting information, this article with links to all the sites mentioned.

Of course, we think it’s one of the best sites on the Web–but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Happy browsing!

(Reminder: all Internet Web site addresses start with http://)

The federal government has information useful to businesses of all sizes, and the U.S. Business Advisor is a very good place to start. It provides a gateway to all kinds of government services that can help an entrepreneur succeed, covering everything from tax tips to how to secure loans and export licenses. It has a nice clean design that loads quickly.

The Small Business Administration site has tons of information for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. One of its many links to other government Web sites is to Pro Net, a service that connects businesses with government procurement officers. This site also lists your business in a national database that tells others what goods and services you provide. The section on financing tells you how to get a loan from the SBA and other lenders.

Knowing how popular its card is among the affluent and successful, American Express has created a site to help more people become affluent and successful. Clever, hey? The American Express Small Business Exchange features information for the small business owner ranging from making the sale to appointing the right board of directors. The site also lets you pose questions to a small business expert and post free advertisements for your business. You can even apply online for that platinum small business corporate card you’ve always fancied.

The Smart Business Supersite is a valuable resource for the busy entrepreneur. It features hundreds of informative articles on dozens of business-related topics and has a searchable index that leads you quickly to the knowledge you seek. Experts on marketing, law, computing and other subjects write monthly advice columns, and a message center lets you communicate with other entrepreneurs. There’s even a handy automatic e-mail reminder service that’ll tickle your memory about important appointments or your daughter’s birthday.

Tom and David Gardner started their investment service, The Motley Fool, on America Online in 1993. Now available on the Web, this site is the most popular service of its kind, perhaps because of the way the financial advice is seasoned with ample doses of zany humor. Aimed

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