Google’s Privacy Settings Take Effect March 1

5 Ways to Deal with Google’s New Privacy Settings

Google logo
(Image: Google)

Clear your browsing history on…


Go to the far right of your toolbar and click on the wrench icon. Select tools and go to “clear browsing data.” To clear your entire browsing history, select “Beginning of Time.”

Firefox and Internet Explorer

Go to the “Tools” menu; click on “Clear Recent History.”

Wipe YouTube history

Once signed in to Google’s main page, click on “YouTube” in the toolbar on the top of the page. Click on your user name and choose “Video Manager.” After selecting history on the left-hand side of the page, opt to “Clear Viewing History.”

Remove Gmail chat history

Before you begin chatting, make sure your conversations are “off the record.” Making this selection will not store your chat history or the history of the person with whom you’re talking to. Conversations with that specific person will not be recorded until you manually turn that function back on. To go off the record, select the “Actions” tab in chat and select “Go off the record.”


Don’t forget: If you’re at your wits end with the changes, you can delete your entire Google account altogether.