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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

The candidate gave a great interview and her resume is stellar, but how do you know that she is all that you see before you? Despite the strong job market and economy, the proliferation of embellished resumes doesn’t appear to be tapering off. As a result, reference checking has become even more important.

The Complete Reference Checking Handbook, by Edward C. Andler (Amacom, $29.95), states that one-third of all resume contain false information. Be it colleges attended, previous employer or bloated salary histories, you can get to the truth, legally, by asking the right questions. “Hiring the wrong employee often means putting high turnover, absenteeism, discipline problems and theft on the payroll,” says Andler.

This guide will teach you the costs associated with background checks and the higher checks to a company checks and the higher cost to a company when they’re not done. Outlined are reference checking techniques with clear-cut examples and the questions to ask candidates to solicit the truth. Also detailed are the types of checks available, a list of reference checking firms, the different approaches for eliciting information from references and tips on how to handle the rejected applicant.

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