Say What? AirBnB Host Threatens Black College Professor For Leaving Four-Star Review

Say What? AirBnB Host Threatens Black College Professor For Leaving Four-Star Review

Dr. Alex Moore threatened by Airbnb host. Image Source: Twitter
Dr. Alex Moore, a University of British Columbia Assistant Professor, alleges she endured frightening threats by an Airbnb host after she left a 4-star review, according to Distractify.
Moore, who uses the Twitter handle (@Dr_AlexM), posted the disturbing interaction with the host, Brad, who demanded that she remove her review or the “fun begins,” Indy 100 reports.

Moore took a screenshot of the intimidating message that the apartment host sent her: “I have your picture, your name, and your number. You have 48 hours to remove your review or I’m hiring a private investigator to obtain your address and then the fun begins. You’re blocked from messaging me at this number.”

Moore gave background information about why the Airbnb host became angry about the rating. “I left a 4/5 review with a positive message, and the host has contacted me at my personal number with increasingly threatening text because my review brought their average rating down from a 5 to a 4.95.”

The college educator shared the positive assessment she gave Brad’s rental: “Really enjoyed my time here and would certainly stay again if I found myself in Vancouver for a few short days.”

Moore quickly posted the matter to Twitter and tagged @Airbnb and @Airbnbhelp with her concerns “in the interest of my own personal safety as well as public safety,” and requested their help in removing the disgruntled host from their platform.


She also contacted the authorities about the threatening messages. “Quick update: The listing is still posted, but I just spoke with Vancouver PD and they will be sending someone over to tell the host to leave me alone “or else.”. They may also revoke his license to participate in house-share programs. Fingers crossed.”

Eventually, Airbnb reached out to Moore and apologized for her experience, assuring her that they would send out a “correct team” to provide her assistance.

After investigating the incident between Moore and the host, Airbnb decided to remove the property listing, “It’s confirmed that his listing has been taken down! I will continue to follow up with @AirbnbHelp regarding next steps,” Moore updated with a tweet.

The online rental marketplace and the assistant professor were also in the middle of agreeing on a possible refund. Moore said to one of her Twitter followers: “I’m still trying to sort that part out, but my priority was definitely to make sure he couldn’t host others.”

Airbnb said to Indy100 that, “After a thorough investigation during which the Host was suspended, we’ve now removed the Host and their listing entirely from Airbnb in accordance with our community policies.”