All in the family - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

In the book Black Families in Corporate America, author few other sociologists have gone before in examining the life of the black corporate family. Largely academic, the book delves into the life of the African American manager. In a three-year study of 191 managers at Fortune 100 companies, their spouses and children, Toliver brings to light the dynamics affecting African American professionals in corporate America.

Through case studies, she outlines and examines stress and the five strengths of black corporate families; how black women managers choose husbands: the effect of corporate life on the wives of black managers: and the challenges these families face with race relations, relocation and child rearing.

While it will appeal to everyone from scholars to counselors to personnel managers, readers should keep in mind that it’s a social study and not a direct resource for solving many of the problems posed. Nonetheless it’s an important book, and Toliver makes far-reaching strides in chronicling the evolution of a select group of today’s black middle-class families.

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