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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

You couldn’t wait until Windows 98 hit the street, but are you really ready for it? Since you’ve decided to be an early adopter of Microsoft’s latest OS, you’re probably fairly techno-savvy. And of course, as a matter of safety, you’ve already taken the necessary precautions to ensure you’ll have a working machine even if the OS upgrade doesn’t go exactly as planned. In that case, you’ve already backed up your hard drive to a second hard drive–or a removable storage device such as an Iomega Zip drive. If so, DiskClone Extra Strength probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re like most PC users, you haven’t thought of copying your hard drive in case disaster looms just around the corner.

DiskClone is an easy way to keep the blue screen of death from being the end to your most cherished files. The program allows you to make an image of your hard drive before the upgrade, so you can safely return to your original settings. It’s also helpful when upgrading to a larger hard drive or a new PC. DiskClone eliminates the need to reinstall operating systems and other programs by allowing you to transfer your data seamlessly and intact from one hard drive to another.

DiskClone Extra Strength copies every file, folder, partition and progam from one PC to another. You can never have too many backups of your critical information. Small business owners can also use the program to clone one or more operating environments onto new PCs or replacement hard drives on their networks.

Whether you’re a single user or operating in a local area network (LAN), you’ll want a secure backup in case disaster strikes. Imagine the trouble you’ll save yourself when that rogue employee decides to tamper with your OS and it doesn’t quite work right anymore. DiskClone does more than save data; it alleviates the lost data blues. Quarterdeck DiskClone Extra Strength Price: $69.95; 800-354-3222

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