Another Guerrilla In Our Midst - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Marketing guru by Jay Conrad Levinson has made a career and a business out of his guerrilla tactics. The author ands chairman of San Francisco-based Guerrilla Marketing International ( is known for providing sample, low-cost counseling to small fledgling businesses. His book, Guerrilla Marketing With Technology, is no different. The book is not tech heavy; it’s mostly about marketing. But that doesn’t detract from some notable chapters, such as “The Business of Customer,” which discusses how to keep track of customers and build relationships using technology, namely database management. Also worth checking out is Levinson’s The Guerrilla Marketing Newsletter, which promises to raise your profits after the first 30 days of reviewing your first issue; otherwise you get your $59 subscription back plus an extra $5.

Guerrilla Marketing with Technology: Unleashing The Full Potential of Your Small Business by Jay Conrad Levinson, Addison-Wesley $15. To order, call Books Now! at 800-BOOKS-NOW or visit the Web site at

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