At-A-Glance Travel Guide - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Anyone who has ventured into an unfamiliar city can testify to the frustration of finding black-owned restaurants, nightclubs, churches, bookstores, art galleries, and places to shop–not to mention bed and breakfasts, media, health clubs, taxi services and travel agents. Wayne C. Robinson, an extensive traveler, tour director and flight attendant, has cleared up the confusion with The African-American Travel Guide. This easy-to-use 308-page book features black-owned and/or black-operated sites in North America. What’s more, the guide’s intro provides a brief background history on African Americans and African Canadians. “African Americans spent $25 billion on the travel industry last year, and I expect that to reach $30 billion soon,” says Robinson. “The time is right for this kind of publication.”
Each chapter is devoted to a different place, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Memphis, Mobile, Montgomery, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington, D.C., Nova Scotia and Ontario.

The African-American Travel Guide by Wayne C. Robinson, Hunter Publishing, $15.9 5. To order, call Books Now! at 800-BOOKS-NOW or visit

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