Be Discreet - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Q: When conducting a job search without your employer’s knowledge, what are some of the mistakes to avoid?
A: There is a notable risk associated with job hunting while currently employed. “Should you decide to conduct a job search without your employer’s knowledge, be sure to have all bases covered,” says Timothy G. White, owner and president of Human Capital Inc., a human resources consulting firm in Atlanta. He suggests the following:

Request that recruiters all you at home and leave a message if you’re not there.

Don’t let fellow employees know you’re job shopping. You don’t know who is talking to whom.

Avoid the use of company equipment such as computers, printers, copy and fax machines. Keep any resumes or over letters out of public view at the office.

Avoid speaking negatively of your current employer.

If you normally don’t dress for success, don’t start now. Change before your interview or schedule interviews during your vacation.
Don’t overdo sick time. Too many single days off is cause for suspicion.

“The job market is highly competitive,” says White. “There is no reason to adversely impact your opportunity for success by making avoidable mistakes.”

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