Alabama A&M University · ATTENDED TCX 2017
My name is Jada Bullock. I am a Junior at Alabama A&M University, majoring in Computer Science. My family migrated from Bahamas to Miami, FL, but I was born Montgomery, AL and raised in Braggs, AL. I graduated from Central Hayneville on Honors and was in the top 10 percent of my graduating class. I am the second oldest of 5; the oldest daughter. I grew up in a poor single parent home, but I was taught to work hard to be successful in life and never give up. My family is my motivation. My main goal is to be successful and financially comfortable, so I can move them to better living. I always loved math throughout school, but I started to fall in love with technology when I started high school. At that point, I knew I wanted to be an engineer, so my choice of which college to attend was very easy. I participated in a group project the first semester of my junior year. We were asked to Create an app for an android mobile device. The name of the app was “Find My Way”. It was designed to help freshmen, and anyone who isn’t familiar with the campus, get to the correct building for classes. I am currently creating another android mobile app with my previous group for a class project.


Alabama A&M University · ATTENDED TCX 2017
My name is Kristina Williams. I am a junior at Alabama A&M University double majoring in computer science and mathematics with a concentration in cyber security. I am a self-motivated, hardworking student and employee. I love computer science, it give you the ability to branch out into so many directions when it comes to imagining, designing, and implementing different ideas. Hackathons are a great platform to display your different skill sets. I have participated in two Hackathons. One being the Black Enterprise Hackathon and the other being the ATL Google Hack. In the previous Black Enterprise Hackathon we were ranked top three for our in vehicle informant application. It was called QuickDeets. The application was a centralized platform where you can keep all your car information such as license, registration, and insurance in case of an emergency. At the Google Hack, my team took a different approach to the app. Instead of party apps we decided to create an elderly application because the increase in the elderly population. This application would serve as a type of in house assistant for medicine, groceries, and things of that nature. Other than these hackathons I have developed a website and I am in the process of developing my second website. I have a passion for developing new things as well as innovating for the future. I hope to display my talents this year at the Black Enterprise 2017 BE Smart Hackathon.


Alabama A&M University · ATTENDED TCX 2017
Ivan Embden is a Junior Electrical Engineering Major at Alabama A&M University and former participant in the BE Hackathon and Google Hackathon. At these hackathons he worked with teams to develop 2 apps, one at each of these events, both of which came in 2nd place. He has worked as a student researcher on campus and as an intern on the Google Maps team. He is a computer, music, and Christ enthusiast. He looks forward to increasing his knowledge of Computer Science to make products and solutions to better the world around him.


Alabama A&M University · ATTENDED TCX 2017
Simeon Hood grew up in Eight Mile, Alabama. He graduated from Baker Highschool with Honors. His love for innovation and technology prompted him to pursue a degree in Computer Science from Alabama A&M University. He currently holds a 3.91 GPA and has interned for the past two summers with the Future Research Corporation in Huntsville, Alabama. In addition to his studies, he is the president of The Movement, which is a Bible Study/Life Group on campus that meets every Wednesday to impart love and life to everyone on campus. He also is a member of the National Honors Society, as well as the National Society of Black Engineers. In the future, Simeon plans to find his purpose in helping others and giving back to his community with the knowledge he will gain along the way.