Hampton University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
Coleman is a third year Computer Science major at Hampton University. He was born and raised in Upper Marlboro, MD and has interned with both Google’s supply chain team and Microsoft’s Skype team. He has previously participated in a few hackathons including the BlackTech hackathon and has also won a Google DC hackathon in 2018. His current goal in life is too finish college with a good GPA and go work for a big tech company to further is software development skills.


Hampton University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
Ernest Horton is a Junior at Hampton University from Pittsburgh, PA. He’s interned with google for two years working with software in their advertisement and shopping divisions. He’s participated in many hackathons during his time at Hampton, and gotten awards at a few, most notably UMD’s bitcamp 2017, and Google’s DC Hack for HBCUs.


Hampton University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
I am a freshman at Hampton University looking for any opportunities for further
experience in the computer science field. Email at and
call at (202)-701-8003.
I’m incredibly interested in learning new languages and furthering my
understanding of previous ones, as the learning experience of programming
languages is exciting to me. Simultaneously, I am also interested in problem
solving. Solving problems to me is something that is fun and rewarding, and
computer science is all problem solving.
I’ve taken 3 years of programming prior and have come into college knowing 3
computing languages: Java, C++, and C. I have used these languages to solve
numerous problems as well as create things such as basic games, which I hope
to translate into bigger and better things.
I’ve also participated in other activities that have helped me to gain even greater
problem solving skills, such as my involvement in stage crew and the minority
scholars program at my high school. Stage crew gave me team-working abilities
as well, and has taught me new things about technology in fields such as theater.
Minority Scholars Program helped me understand how to resolve issues between
2 or more differing groups in my school that helped make the environment more
comfortable for each groups that had problems.


Hampton University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
Tauren Bass is a Junior Computer Science Major at Hampton University, originally from Philadelphia, PA. For the last two summers he has interned with Google working with their web server as well as working on a cloud engineering productivity team. Both worked with creating tools to make the jobs of other engineers in that space work more fluidly. Other achievements would be winning Google’s DC HBCU hackathon as well as doing in research with technology related to physical therapy.