Jackson State University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
I believe in creating a sustainable value in any work environment. I feel motivated whenever I think about
making people’s lives better. Meaning is important for me than happiness as it gives me the platform to
serve others–a privilege and an honor I hope to keep throughout my entire career years.
I have a special interest in Robotics and have had the opportunity to improve facial gesture display of
autonomous industrial robot using Python on Robot Operating System(ROS) platform. I organize
workshops on ROS to introduce students more to the field of robotics. I am responsible for leading the
Jackson State University Robotics team in the NASA Swarmathon robotics to earn a 3rd place in the
In summer 2018, I interned as a research assistant at the School of Informatics in Indiana University. My
research was about sentiment analysis on comments collected from crowdfunding websites such as
Kickstarter. I used Python to develop a scraping tool and organize a dataset for further analysis.
Aside from Computer Science, I have a keen interest in Leadership, Management, and Marketing. I am
working with the National Society of Leadership and Success to introduce a Student Chapter to Jackson
State University and serve as a Campus Marketing Coordinator for StudySoup, Inc. I believe being
different matters more than being better–and that’s what I yearn to be!


Jackson State University · ATTENDED TCX 2018


Jackson State University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
A young, educated, and motivated man seeking to broaden my job experience while advancing my college career. Hardworking with two and a half years experience with retail, two years with customer service and conflict resolution, and 6 months experience in retail training. Able to comprehend and relay directions, with a capacity to lead and an ability to learn fast and focus on objectives.


Jackson State University · ATTENDED TCX 2018