Johnson C. Smith University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
Even as a first-generation college student, Anthony is committed to create an impressive image and legacy for himself. He is a recognized scholar with the James B. Duke Endowment and Koch/UNCF programs. As a computer engineering major, he volunteers his knowledge and time to teach students about web development through campus sponsored events and programs. He has completed sponsored research from the Department of Homeland Security examining the effect of natural disasters on the transmission of infectious diseases. He has experience as leader due to his extensive involvement and service as leader in a variety of projects. His interests involve innovation, emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, and social advocacy.


Johnson C. Smith University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
I am a Junior at Johnson C. Smith University majoring in Computer Science with an expected graduation date of May 2020. I am aiming to become a software developer, specifically I hope to get into mobile development (Android/IOS). This past summer I was an intern at Bank of America and worked with the production support team as a Java developer. From the summer of 2017 until the end of my sophomore year I was a teaching assistant for the Computer Science Summer Institute and Programming I&II. In my free time, I work on personal android projects with intention of developing my programming skillset to be career ready upon graduation. I also love to learn and use various resources such as Udacity, edx, coursera and to learn new skills and enhance existing ones.


Johnson C. Smith University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
Hello my name is Jonathan Paramore. I am a Computer Science Major minoring in Cyber Security. I’m the youngest of 5 boys and I hope to graduate in May of 2020.


Johnson C. Smith University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
My name is Wendy Rivera. My full name is Wendy  Guadalupe Rivera Del Abra. I am can code in Java,  JAVAScript, and Python. I currently work at a Sherwin  Williams(a paint store). I am a DACA student at Johnson  C. Smith University. I was born in Mexico and brought to the US when I was 3 years old.

When I was growing up my dad would take me  outside with him to the garage and teach me how to fix  cars. Not caring that I was a girl. He would tell me, “You  need to know how to fix your own car if anything ever  happens.” I feel that because of my dad pushing me to  work on cars inspired me to pursue engineering

Some of my likes are drawing, playing my violin, and  coding. I enjoy drawing more than anything, it in a way,  is an outlet for my inspirations or frustrations. Coding in  my mind is like a big puzzle. I see it more as a puzzle or a  game than I do as a subject.

I have severe anxiety that I have been working on  bettering. I am very extroverted despite my quiet  demeanor. I strive to be kind to everyone and to offer  others a helping hand.