Morgan State University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
My name is Joshua Smith, and I am a friendly, reliable, open-minded guy who enjoys meeting new people and maintaining the connection. I also appreciate meaningful conversation. In addition, I must mention that as a brother of a fraternity and a student of Morgan State University, I carry myself a certain way, because I live by certain principles. These principles include scholarship, leadership, citizenship, respect, and more.


Morgan State University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
My name is Frank Coleman and I am a senior Electrical Engineer at Morgan State University. I currently work in a Bio/Civil lab in my school and work on projects ranging on topics from batteries, embedded devices, and computer applications. My interests include computer vision, machine learning, micro architecture, robotics, and imaging technologies. I enjoy understanding how things work, and in turn, using and advancing them.


Morgan State University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
Oyare Victor Oko is a highly motivated student majoring in Electrical Engineering at Morgan State University with a Computer Engineering concentration. He is passionate about innovation, problem solving and design thinking.
He was placed 2nd at the TMCF Hackathon in Durham, North Carolina. Victor worked with three other HBCU students, all from different Universities, to build a mobile app using Swift and come up with a business plan all in three days. Our app called “Farmily,” allowed restaurants and stores to easily find and transact with local urban farmers for their fresh crops, promoting a more eco-friendly, healthier world.
As an active University Innovation Fellow, Victor is able to work with other students to promote and create an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset among students and faculty. Victor has always loved giving back community. With his free time, if he is not volunteering, he is tutoring on campus. To add, he is currently a TMCF Vivian Burley Academy Mentor where he guides and advises scholars on academic and career choices that further contribute to the STEM field. Victor is known as someone who is determined and focused. He is interested in utilizing smart systems in Internet of Things (IoT) to solve world problems, making like better for everyone.


Morgan State University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
45% creativity, 30% determination and 25% excitement, these are the key ingredients that make
Saraah Cooper who she is today. As an aspiring entrepreneur and a life long learner, Saraah
has used her creativity and excitement as the basis for pursuing her desired career paths. She
desires to work in her two area of interest, robotics and cyber security, and one day share here
experiences in such fields with African American high school students. Currently, Saraah is
pursuing her bachelor’s in Computer Science at Morgan State University and is participating in
Google’s Tech Exchange program in located in Silicon Valley.