Tuskegee University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
Justin Finkley is a student who studies Computer Science and Math at Tuskegee University. He believes that cybersecurity is crucial to the infrastructure of the modern world, especially in first-world countries. Justin hopes to become skilled in the areas of computing necessary to ensure the integrity of services and devices dependent on the Internet. He also hopes to become a philanthropist supporting many worthwhile endeavors, such as humanitarian relief.

Justin has accepted the Presidential Scholarship from Tuskegee University, and he plans
to use his time at college to build professional relationships with others going into his field.

Justin is the treasurer for Tuskegee’s ACM chapter.

Justin is currently a sophomore earning degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Tuskegee University.


Tuskegee University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
Patrick Downton Jr is a student who studies Computer Science at Tuskegee University. He believes that mental disorders in today’s pose a major problem for future progress, especially commonly ignored disorders like depression. Patrick hopes to combat some of these disorders through the development of entertainment programs that promote self-confidence and awareness of the effects of mental disorders. He also hopes to extend his message of acceptance to multiple media platforms, such as VR experiences and interactive games.

Patrick has accepted the Presidential scholarship from Tuskegee University and plans to use his time at the college to further his programming knowledge and gain opportunities to make his dream easier to accomplish.

Patrick is a(n): Eagle Scout, senator for Tuskegee’s ACM program, black belt in Taekwondo.

Patrick is currently a sophomore earning a degree in Computer Science from Tuskegee University.


Tuskegee University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
What Are your goals for the next three to 5 years.
In the next three to 5 years I aim to graduate and look towards putting myself in a position to be able to give back to the communities that have enabled me to have this opportunity to better myself through education. To achieve this I aim to have graduated with my degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science with at minimum a 3.5 Gpa. While working towards my degree I also aim to work on more personal projects and research opportunities that I find in regard to software engineering and cybersecurity. After Graduating I will either continue on to graduate school or find a job which enables me to increase my knowledge and to work on real life changing applications of technology and cybersecurity. I also plan to go to more technology related conferences and hackathons to not just be introduced to new knowledge but to also make connections to important people in my field that may be helpful to me in future. I also aim to start saving so that I may eventually be able to start my own business ventures should the opportunity present itself due to the rapid advancement of technology we are currently going through. Lastly I aim to find more ways to give back to my community starting from people on my campus towards eventually being able to find ways to give back in my motherland Nigeria.


Tuskegee University · ATTENDED TCX 2018
I am Yolanda Cervantes I was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and moved to the United Stated of America at the age of 10. I attended Notasulga High School where I graduated 3rd ranked in the class of 2017. I am currently enrolled at Tuskegee University where I am majoring in computer science. I am currently serving as the secretary of the ACM executive board for the 2018-2019 school year. I expect to graduate in May 2021 and continue to pursue higher.