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Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

Welcome to our block!

Some of the biggest businesses started out of the trunks of cars, garages, kitchens, and on street corners. That’s why we’re building a community for go-getters like you to meet us on BizBlock. In most cities and towns, there’s that one block every entrepreneur knows they need to be on any given day in order to make that sale and gain exposure—and BizBlock is the online version of that!

Picture having your own billboard on BizBlock.
We know you see it! As a member of the community, your business profile will be listed, you’ll receive exclusive tips and advice in our Entrepreneurship Newsletter, get the chance to be spotlighted on our site and social media and receive discounted rates to our pop-up shop and events. Talk about doing it for the culture!

So, are you down to build together? Let’s do it from the ground up! BizBlock won’t always be free, so join today!

Submit your info below and you’ll join our community of hustlers, movers, and shakers.

In the words of Jay Z, “Financial freedom, my only hope.”