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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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Cooper. “Large, branded companies, although they have the name recognition, tend to have blind spots and aren’t able to move as quickly to address changes.”

The shakeout of black dotcoms isn’t just an issue of content versus commerce. It’s a question of market savvy-and common sense. In the age of Internet economics, the “if you build it, they will come” mentality no longer applies. “There’s likely to be further carnage in the space,” says Cooper. “Sites that have the ability to preserve their cash and grow their audience are the ones that will survive.”





VISITS PER MONTH January 1999 Acquired by Time Warner in September 2000; will be part of AOL site 575,000 1995 Black-owned 436,000 January 1999 Owned by Cox Media; closed August 2000 NA September 1999 Produced by Community Connect, which also backs 439,954* 1997 Produced by Tribune Co. 250,000 November 1999 Black-owned 138,810 July 1996 Black-owned 300,000 June 1995 LIGN=”TOP”>Black-owned; AOL holds 15% stake 250,000** July 2000 Black-owned; Privately held 500,000 January 1996 Black-owned 500,000 August 1999 Black-owned; partnered with Microsoft, USA Networks, News Corp., and Liberty Digital 800,000 February 1997 Black-owned 72,487*** Late 1995 Black-owned; 77,656***
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Except where noted, numbers were provided by the companies.
* Media Metrix rating **Unique Visitors per month ***DoubleClick DART

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