BMX is a groundbreaking leadership excellence conference for black men who are a valuable and necessary pool of talent for the success of companies, industries, communities and the nation, supported and amplified by the robust multimedia activations of Black Enterprise, including digital, video and social.

Connect and engage directly with men of color who share a passion for professional and leadership excellence in every field of endeavor, who comprise a unique source of human capital invaluable to corporate America’s competitiveness in the global economy.




Leadership Keynote Sessions • C-Suite Fireside Chats • Executive Coaching

Additional Sessions
What Is Required To Be a Successful Black Man Today – Part I and 2
• Neither Privileged Nor Protected: Making Black Men a Diversity Priority • Men, Too: Joining the Fight against Sexual Assault and Harassment
• Front-Office Power: Pathways to Executive Leadership in Sports
• Who’s Going to Put Me On? Leveraging Mentorship to Ascend To the C-Suite
• The New C-Suite: Opportunities for Leadership in Corporate America
• Lunch & Learn – The Cost to Be the Boss: Lessons in Leadership
• Challenges & Opportunities: The Future of Black Men in Tech
• Black Men’s Mental Health: Is Corporate America a Cause or a Cure?
• Health Is Wealth: Leveraging Wellness for Professional Success


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