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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Think there’s only one path to success? If so, pick up No Rules: 21 Giant Lies About Success and How to Make It Happen Now by Dan S. Kennedy. Most self-help/motivational books tend to promote a certain set of guidelines: think positively, be persistent, strive for excellence, etc.

Well, No Rules boldly sets out to “debunk these myths” and give you the information “they don’t teach in business school.” To start, Kennedy, a direct marketing consultant and self-made millionaire, suggests that self-image, not blind optimism, is what ultimately determines what you’re able to accomplish. He also believes that persistence at all costs is counterproductive. Why? Because if you decide to change your plans, you’ll be labeled a quitter and end up feeling frustrated, guilty-or both.

More success “lies” include: it takes money to make money, good things come to those who wait and leaders must be fair and just. He uses the stories of people who’ve bucked conventional trends and gone on to achieve phenomenal results in their careers or businesses.

If you want an unconventional perspective on achievement, this book may be for you. No Rules is sure to raise some eyebrows. Nonetheless, it contains practical information that can help anyone — from professionals to entrepreneurs to new college graduates-consider avenues they may have overlooked on the road to personal success.

No Rules: 21 Giant Lies About Success and How to Make It Happen Now by Dan S. Kennedy (Plume, $12.95). To order, call Books Now! At 800-BOOKS-NOW or visit Enterprise.

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