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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

It’s what forms the basis for every business. It’s what helps us decide what major we choose in college; which company to work for; why we make most of the choices we make. It’s vision. And without it, we’re bound to fall away from our purpose in life.

What exactly is vision? “While your mission explains how you should do what you do, your vision explains why,” writes Valorie Raquel Burton in her book, Rich Minds, Rich Rewards: 50 Ways to Enhance Your Everyday Life (Pearl Books, $13.95). “It is the end result of your efforts. It is the destination on your life’s roadmap.”

Most entrepreneurs explain their company’s vision, along with the mission statement, in the business plan-the very foundation of their enterprise. And so should we as individuals. Burton offers the following steps to help you to determine your personal vision, then translate it into a cohesive statement.

Step #1: Determine your mission. “It should be clear, specific and compelling enough that you will strive to attain it,” advises Burton. For example, try “I want to serve as a positive influence on all who come into contact with me,” rather than “I want to try to do good.”

Step #2: Turn it into a preliminary vision statement. Frame the mission in the present tense. Transform “I want to serve as a positive influence on all who come in to contact with me” to “I am a positive influence on all who come into contact with me.”

Step #3: Expand it fully. Your final vision statement should show how you will carry out your mission on a day-to-day basis: “I encourage the young people in my life to dream big, then strive to accomplish those goals. I give back to my community and help those less fortunate. I support causes that benefit humanity, while celebrating the achievements of my people.”

“When you get off track or make a wrong turn, use your vision statement as a compass that guides you back to the right path,” says Burton.

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