Catering Requirements - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

People tell you that your parties light up the social scene and that your coq au vin is “to die for.” Perhaps there is a market in the catering industry for the good times you provide–if only you knew how to tap into it.

Try picking up How to Run a Catering Business From Home John Wiley & Sons; $16.95), by restaurateur and caterer Christopher Egerton-Thomas. This chatty, detail-filled book includes information on understanding the market, the planning and logistics of the catering affair, finding and managing employees, tools of the trade, etiquette, hygiene and various types of events and crisis management advice.
Operating a business from home has its own unique issues and problems– everything from taxes to maintaining contacts with other home-based businesses to furnishing your home office. The title, in this case, is misleading, since the book doesn’t really address running your business from home. On the other hand, if you’ve figured out that part and are looking for guidance on the nuts-and-bolts of catering, this book will be useful.

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