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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

In the market for name-brand quality athletic gear, evening wear, electronics, jewelry, gadgets or gardening tools? Forget the outlets and the overcrowded malls because the lowest prices on these products and others can be found in the pages of Closeout News.

This monthly trade newspaper is published by Target Media Partners in Anaheim, California. You’ll get merchandise far below wholesale prices. Though the publication mainly caters to dollar stores, hotel chains, auction houses, flea markets, specialty shops and hair salons, money-conscious consumers can save up to 75% and more on the closeout and surplus offerings that the newspaper features.

The 12-year-old newspaper–considered the voice of the closeout industry-advertises sales on everything from beanie babies to electronics to ladies designer and brand-name clothes at 50% below wholesale. With a subscriber base of more than 76,000, the paper constantly updates its inventory of computers, televisions and electronics by such manufacturers as Compaq, Canon, Zenith and Sharp that start at $100; it also advertises monthly specials on cosmetics, household items and toys.

Bernadette Archuleta, Closeout News’ general manager, says, “Consumers are more savvy about where to find the best merchandise for the best price. Our biggest sellers are jewelry and clothing, and our customers include entrepreneurs, new businesses and consumers looking for bargains.” Closeout News offers 14K gold jewelry as well as bulk pharmaceutical supplies, exercise equipment and holiday items at substantial savings.

Subscription prices are $25 for six months, and $45 for a year. Individual issues sell for $4.25 on the newsstand. Although most suppliers require a minimum order, limited edition figurines and other unique collectibles are sold individually. For customers who wish to browse before they buy, advertisers in Closeout News offer online showrooms at

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