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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Technology has made it possible to have a virtual office no matter how far we are from headquarters. Staying in touch via fax, cellular phone, e-mail and even videoconferencing is easier than ever. But it still isn’t child’s play. Deciding what type of computer to purchase and understanding how to use it can be confusing. In his book Mobile Computing for Dummies, Cliff Roth gives simple directions everyone can follow as they make the transition from home to road.

“Don’t anticipate future needs; buy for your needs of today,” advises Roth. For instance, if your job entails giving presentations, it’s important to be sure your laptop has the proper VGA (output) port to connect it to an external monitor. Roth also suggests that you not get sucked in by fancy technical frills you don’t understand or need.

Mobile Computing for Dummies demystifies portable peripherals and their importance to the laptop road warrior. Not only does it explain the use of printers, scanners, disk drives, CD-ROMs, etc., but the book tells you how to get the most out of each device. For instance, when connecting these accessories, you should know their effects on battery life. A battery’s run time for notebook computers usually ranges from about one and a half to four hours per charge. Leaving these devices on for extended periods of time can drain your battery prematurely.

If you travel with your laptop or any of its smaller siblings, Mobile Computing for Dummies will help you get the most out of your computer and save headaches when you’re on the road.

Mobile Computing for Dummies by Cliff Roth, IDG Books, $19.95. To order, call Books Now! 800-BOOKS-NOWS or visit the web site at

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