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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

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The online world mirrors the real world in ever increasing ways. Online malls, publications, classrooms and counseling centers are just a few of the organizations that have established themselves in cyberspace. But there are Web sites devoted to exploring the interests and experiences of a mixture of nationalities and affinity groups, including the culture of the African Diaspora.

In cyber-bration of Black History Month, we’ve listed some Web sites that share the richness of black history with the entire world. They can help raise your own level of heritage awareness, as well as teach youth and persons from other ethnic communities. Already, there is an abundance of Afrocentric sites, with more likely to be devoted to black history as February approaches. Listed are some Web sites to get you started, but don’t forget: there’s a whole virtual world out there to explore.

The Afrocentric Guide:
If you’re looking for African American and African Canadian culture on the Web, start here. It’s a comprehensive guide to Web-based content on the African Diaspora, and, as its name suggests, it’s a celebration of Afrocentricity. Information on black art, businesses, education and music can be found here in abundance. This black history archive has links to sites on topics ranging from the Buffalo Soldiers to African Americans in science-and everything in between. If it’s about black people and it’s on the Web, you can find it here.

The Book:
Where should such an online journey start but with a group dedicated enough to register a domain dedicated to black history. This site certainly sets a standard with a combination of photos, audio files, quick-time movies and a chat room.

Black History Database:
So what was going on in the world of African American achievement during the month you were born? If you’re eager to know, check this site out. You can also do a keyword search; or just enjoy the historical facts provided for the current week. The site strongly urges you to submit comments that can be added to the database.

Knowledge Network Explorer: Black History, Area:
This Web site was created to help students find information on black history and African American issues. Students can explore a variety of Internet-based activities, such as televideo events, with topics ranging from black history Month to contemporary poetry to African American leaders.
The Black History Treasure Hunt presents 19 questions that cover a range of topics. Internet links will help connect you to the answers. Quick: What city hosted the Black Exposition of 19407 If you don’t know, you will when you leave this site.

The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences:
If you’re a scientist or are mentoring a future scientist, this page will be of interest to you. It presents information on various African American scientists and their contributions to 11 different fields of study, and comes complete with an index of online conferences within the science profession, as well as tables and graphs.

Stamp on Black History:
Created by three high school students from Washington D.C., this site is an index of black

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