Don't Let Your Job Ruin Your Relationship

Don’t Let Your Job Ruin Your Relationship

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Had a long day at the office? Is your boss tap-dancing on your last nerve? It may be tempting to go home and lay all of your frustrations out on your boo-thing, but that may not always be the best thing for your relationship. According to a recent Florida State University College of Business study, bringing your work problems home could take a toll on your relationship. So how do you stop your work life from turning your love life into an episode of “Love and Hip Hop New York“?

Don’t turn it into a competition. If you start competing for whoever had the worst day, you may be heading for Splitsville. Researchers say competitiveness and lack of support between couples is a major cause of both marriage and career derailments. Listen, empathize and understand your partner’s frustrations. Be a listening ear, and if asked, offer the best counsel you can.

Leave your relationship woes at home. Problems at home can also have a detrimental effect on your work, regardless of the underlying reason behind those problems. “When you’re still angry or upset from yesterday’s stress, your working day will likely go in only one direction: down,” says Dr Wayne Hochwarter, lead author of the Florida State University College of Business study.

Make the most of your time off. Even if you have a crazy work schedule, it’s so important to make sure you spend some quality time with your beau. Whether that includes cuddling in front of a movie or planning a weekend vacation, try to schedule things in advance so you know you can have that time together without interruption.

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