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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Many books purport to teach you how to be entrepreneur. Joining the Entreprneurial Elite, by Olaf Isachsen, shows you how to identify what kind of entrepreneur you are and the style that suits you best.

Isachsen, the founder and head of the Institute for Management Development, says that by identifying your particular style, you can capitalize on your natural strengths and achieve great success.
The four basic entrepreneurial types described are: administrators, who build existing businesses within known industries; tacticians, who deliver spectacular performance within a known technology; strategist, who take a concepts and put it into action; and idealist, who turn dreams into enterprises.

The book includes a questionnaire for identifying one’s style. There’s also advice about capitalizing on strengths, recognizing weakness and profiles of successful entrepreneurs using each style. At times, Isachsen over idealizes the virtues of entrepreneurship, but as he says, it isn’t about “what to do,” but rather “who to be” which is the very best you possibly can.

Joining the Entrepreneurial Elite (Davies-Black Publishing; $25.95)

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