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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Q I have been tempting for months. How do I turn a temporary assignment into a full-time job?
A Downsizing has left many individuals floating from one temp assignment to another. It has also left many companies talent-starved, and temporary staffing is how they recoup their losses. The key is making both these situations work for you. “Too often, people discount temporary assignments and view them as just a way to make extra money,” says Monica Mancebo, CEO of Selective Staffing Inc. of New York and New Jersey. “They should approach temporary assignments like a full-time position.”

That means dressing professionally and conservatively from the start. In addition to making sure that individuals have the prerequisite skills for a particular company, temporary agencies also have to consider how well you will fit into an organization’s corporate culture. Once an assignment, keep an eye on the job postings and inform your agency representative of the ones that interest you, so that they can speak on your behalf to the client. “It’s also critical to exceed the expectations of the job and develop a good relationship with the supervisor. He or she will be the one who can speak for your performance should you interview for full-time employment,” advises Mancebo. If there is a job posted that requires skills you lack, inform your agency. You may not get that job, but the agency can look for future assignments that will offer you that experience.

To get your foot in the door of the company you desire, you must put the best one forward.

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