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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Ready to gain mastery over your space and time? For self-paced training that allows you to work around your schedule and learn at your own speed, check out Get Organized, the latest installment of the American Management Association’s Get Ahead Toolkit series. This program includes a CD-ROM and a companion reader to help you get the most out of your day-without even having to leave your desk.

The interactive CD-ROM contents are separated into three parts, aptly titled Get Ready, Get Set and Go. In Part 1, you’ll learn the basics of time management and how to move into a new mind-set. In Part 2, you’ll discover how to solve problems creatively and take control of your work space. In Part 3, you’ll put what you’ve learned to use with fun exercises, work sheets, self-tests and reference materials. Among other things, you can budget your time in daily and weekly increments, prioritize and chart your work flow and develop a delegation plan.

The reader contains interviews with professionals of varied workplace positions. They reveal useful insights and strategies for embracing change, defusing stress and creating a personal mission. The reader also explores other topics, such as the changing dimensions of the office professional and continuing education. While it’s useful, you could easily get the bulk of the program from the CD-ROM alone.

Get Organized by AMACOM, CD-ROM/Paperback, $39.95. To order, visit or call 800-262-9699.

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