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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Talk’s Not Cheap
The diamond-encrusted Motorola V70 provides more than sparkling conversation. The dazzling cellular phone, with easy-to-open rotating cover, offers a progressive combination of function and style with features that include an FM radio frequency, built-in games, a voice activation key, and PC compatibility. An access code will cost $15,000. For more information, call 310-530-7696 or log on to

Crimson Glimmer
African American jewelry designer and manufacturer Chris Aire adorns the likes of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Tom Arnold, Gary Payton, and Will Smith in classic and avant-garde gold and platinum designs. He is also the creator of the increasingly popular red gold collection. Pictured for men are the bracelet ($32,500) and the onyx-accented bangle ($8,500). Log on to (2 Awesome International ( for more information, or call them at 213-688-0900.

Quality Time
He’s been the jeweler to kings, emperors, and even Hollywood royalty. Vacheron Constantin, with over 150 timepieces, has been creating distinctive watches for 247 years. His Lady Kalla — a modern version of the Kallista (priced at $11 million) — is an indulgent work embedded with 108 emerald-cut diamonds totaling 32.13 carats set in hand-carved white gold at a reduced price of $330,000. For more information, log on to

Certified Brilliance
Carats are important in determining the weight of a diamond, but nothing compares to a stone’s sparkle. The Leo Diamond is the world’s most brilliant and the first to independently measure and certify its ‘return of light.’ Pictured is their 6.5 carat, 3-stone anniversary ring set in platinum. Price, $62,449. For more information, call 212-688-2000 or log on to

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