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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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will probably try to point fingers at me, but they’re responsible for running us out of business.”

Melba Parker-Spencer of NationsBank’s corporate affairs department contends the bank did everything in its power to work with Am-Pro over a period of years. “It’s against our policy to talk about customer relationships; however, we feel that in this case we have been more than fair with Brown and Am-Pro,” Spencer says. As of September the company’s assets were being liquidated to take care of its past due debt to NationsBank.

Brown, South Carolina’s 1988 Minority Business Person of the Year, says he’s started a new company in the hazardous waste business. And while he has bitter feelings toward NationsBank for Am-Pro’s collapse, he also accepts some responsibility. “It all happened under my watch,” he says. “I have to be accountable for everything that took place.”

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