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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

If you’ve ever wondered how to get people to view you in ways that could enhance your personal or professional life Get What You How to Guerrilla Market Yourself (Avon Books $23) has the answers you’ve been searching for. Marketing mavens Jay Levinson and Seth Godin have collaborated to procure an engaging easy-to-use primer that shows you that getting what you want is the art of persuading others to want you to have it.

Don’t get turned off by the term “guerrilla marketing” in the title. The book does an excellent job of telling you what molters to people and why. It then goes on to give you options for achieving specific goals or correcting specific problems using series of lists of things that are critical to marketing yourself successfully. For example did you know that your tone of voice is a big part of your image? People who sound confident excited and motivated get promoted. Do you keep your promises? If you imply that you’re a reliable employee or a devoted spouse you must deliver or you’ll associate yourself with unfulfilled expectations and failure.

Ultimately, this book will help you focus on what you want and reassess whether you truly deserve it. Once you’ve made an honest assessment and applied Levinson and Godin’s principles, getting what you deserve will be only a matter of time.

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