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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Traveling for business could jeopardize your job if you don’t stay in the office loop. Besides daily check-ins, “keep a hand in the coffee klatch. Don’t gossip, but find out what’s happening,” advises Richard Clarke, president of Richard Clarke & Associates, a New York City-based recruitment firm.

Take advantage of available technology. “Use e-mail, cell phones, beepers, pagers, faxes–whatever it takes to remain in the loop,” advises Terrell Mellen of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives.

Global Cell Corp.’s Follow Me Phone (818-884-6795) is a rental digital cell phone; one telephone number is good in 50 countries, including overseas, and there are no roaming codes to worry about. Cost: $9.95 daily, with on-time calls starting at 99 cents (costs vary depending on the country). JFAX, from JFAX Personal Telecom, is a universal inbox that allows Internet users to receive faxes and telephone messages via e- mail; they can be sent by anyone, even those who aren’t Internet users. $12.50 a month for the phone line (888-GET-JFAX/888-438-5329).

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