Keep On Moving - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

You’ve set your goals, and you’re on the path to achieve them. But what’s that obstruction coming into view? It could be personal fear or doubt; it could be the nay-saying of well-intentioned family members or close friends. It could even be the beginnings of an unproductive work environment at your company, uncooperative colleagues, or unsupportive management. Whatever the obstacle, you must find a way around it. You have to keep moving.

It starts with an unwavering determination to not allow anything-or anyone-to get in the way of what you have set out to accomplish. Reaffirm your faith in your abilities; surround yourself with a network of positive, encouraging people; add a lot of prayer to the mix; and a solid foundation will be yours.

What will keep you going on your road to success, even when the potholes of disheartenment at times seem to get larger with every step, is the belief that the end you have set is worth reaching. And each victory over adversity will only make your strides toward the finish line more effortless. But this will only happen if you face and tackle these difficulties head-on.

Avoid the temptation to slow down or give up when times get tough. Don’t surrender your lifelong dreams for the chance to breathe easier for a moment. Because when that moment passes, so too will the opportunity to make good on the promises you made to yourself. Keep on moving.

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